NikNik and Reggie release MyMarketWare, a…

…tool that aims to give each listing their own website.

Although I could do without the music, the example site they give is clean, full of features, and competitively priced at only $39 a pop (cheaper if agents buy in bulk).

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  1. I built a test site a couple of weeks ago. Very easy to use, looked great.

  2. ohhh… can you share the link? I’d be curious to see how you used their tools.

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  4. It’s pathetic and doesn’t utilize everything. I literally threw it together in minutes.

    But I was planning to flesh it out this weekend and will send it to you.

  5. Thanks for giving MyMarketWare a whirl Jay! We have a large variety of template designs as you may have noticed and great features to boot!

    The “featured listings” widget can be added to your blog once via the generated embed code and is dynamically updated with each new MarketSite you create! A great way to further maximize your listing exposure and provide you with an instant “featured listings” page for your blog or Website.

    And Dustin, I’m not a big fan of music (for a Website) either…but some people REALLY like it. 🙂

  6. No doubt NikNik that sometimes you gotta provide what the market wants… even if that means music when a website loads! 😉

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