Completely didn’t see Terabitz going the…

personalized website for brokers route (example).  It’s nice to see that Terabitz is stil around (I didnt’ hear or see anything from them at RE Connect), although with $10M in funding, those had better be some expensive websites if investors are going to recoup their money.

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  1. This isn’t exactly what I was thinking, but when Trulia announced their co-branded platform for publishers, I thought it might be better to approach agents, brokerages, or local MLS’s. Trade listings for a co-branded site.

  2. I completely follow that logic Todd… but I get the impression that Terabitz is looking at this as a revenue stream as oppose to a way to get more listings.

  3. I predict that in 2008 we’ll see even more existing companies begin to offer advanced, but templated web sites to leverage well-developed search technology to benefit brokers, agents, and most importantly — consumers.

  4. I completely agree with Dustin regarding Terabitz. They are simply looking for revenue now. The Trulia item is done to get listings and links but a possible issue with the idea maybe a fall off from the search engines of T results due to duplicate content from all the partners. Time will tell but I think T is pretty dependant on those organic results so this could maybe do more harm than good in the long run.

  5. @Jessie B

    Trulia is pretty SEO savvy – I’m sure they will simply exclude search engine bots from crawling/indexing these partner sites in order to avoid duplicate content issues. It’s a pretty simple problem to avoid if they do it correctly.

  6. iSee you have a twitter, google facebook addiction… guess mine?

  7. @ Brian – did a check after my post and yes, they are blocking it out via robots.txt for each sub-domain.

    It will be interesting to see if the webmasters of smaller sites do the sub domain with the thoughts they are increasing their web footprint since some are not as web savvy.

  8. @ Jessie – I wouldn’t expect Trulia to broadcast the fact that their new co-branded listing pages won’t be indexed by SEs. I’m sure many sites will think they are gaining a web footprint by launching such a site.

  9. Brian – Totally 100% agree with you.

    I have noticed in a few other posts that it seems like even some of the more experienced web individuals maybe under that impression. BTW – good work on Y real estate over the last major update.

  10. Brian and Jessie: I just thought I’d pipe in to say that I thought it was quite interesting that Trulia went the subdomain route for the branded sites. But then again, it is a freebie for these sites, so I guess they can’t ask for too much. 🙂

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