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  • Let’s not try to boil the ocean… Or the “case for grey hydrogen“

    Let’s not try to boil the ocean… Or the “case for grey hydrogen“

    I totally get why articles like this are being published: Why the world’s first hydrogen rail may not be as environmentally friendly as it seems. It seems inevitable that just as we’re seeing all kinds of green hydrogen announcements (Germany/Canada deal, Amazon/Power Plug, etc.), there’s going to be a focus on how our existing hydrogen […]

  • Fuel-cell boats cruising the Venice Canals

    Fuel-cell boats cruising the Venice Canals

    Didn’t know to look out for the fuel cell boats when I was in Venice a few weeks ago… So cool… and so much more interesting than looking out for people surfing the canals. As it was my first time in Venice, I woke up one morning early so I could capture some photos of […]

  • Be Jane acquired by… Builder Homesite [4realz Exclusive]

    A few days ago, Be Jane announced they were bought, but hadn’t said by whom, which led a few to speculate who the buyer might be.   I’m happy to say that has the scoop that the new buyer is Builder Homesite. Here’s the story. A little while ago I was introduced to Chief Jane […]

  • There’s still something special about Print

    Last week, I had a great conversation with Eric Billingsley, a journalist with the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, that resulted in an interview on how local business can use social media to market themselves online. I first saw the article was published this morning when it showed up in my google news feed. I’m […]

  • Move Brings in a New CEO

    From the press release: Move Names Steve Berkowitz as Chief Executive Officer: Move “today announced that Steven H. Berkowitz, a 25-year veteran of the media content, advertising and Internet industries, has been named as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Berkowitz has served on Move’s Board of Directors since June 2008. He succeeds […]

  • NAR is upon us once again!

    As I write this on a Wednesday night, I can’t help think what a long week it’s been!   And yet, the week (and the fun) is just beginning. Tomorrow morning I leave for NAR…. and it’s not until I hit Orlando that things really heat up. First major stop: Friday @ 12:30 I’m moderating a […]

  • If I were NAR’s Social Media Manager, I’d…

    … listen to the needs of NAR executives and execute on their ideas. It’s pretty clear from the job description, that that’s all they are looking for.  Anything more sounds fun, but probably isn’t realistic for NAR at the moment… and there’s nothing wrong with this.  It sounds like Hilary is swamped with work, so […]

  • When a tree falls in the forest…

    Been way too swamped with a consulting project lately and haven’t had a chance to blog much (or send out my weekly emails). 🙁 However, that doesn’t mean interesting things haven’t been happening.   Here’s just a sliver of the things that have crossed my path recently: Brendan gets $3M in funding for MyFrontSteps!  A huge, […]

  • Simon Baker Leaving REA Group

    My guess is that to more than a few of us, Simon is the face of REA Group, so it’s quite a shock to hear that he is leaving. However, I must say that it occured to me that he might be leaving when I noticed he started collecting “recommendations” on LinkedIn recently…  He went […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: Effect of FDIC/Treasury Actions on Home Buyers and Real Estate Industry

    [NOTE: we had a wonderful show and you can listen to the entire episode at the bottom of this post!] This week were going to cover the obviously hot topic of the effect of the actions taken by the government in bailing out and/or helping secure IndyMac, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae will affect the […]