Jay definitely uncovered some…

interesting news about happenings at Point2. I’ve always found Brendan to be one of the top-notch guys in the RE Tech world and he seemed to take great pride in Point2 Agent. That’s gotta hurt the Point2 team.

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  1. Brendan is indeed top-notch and was passionate about P2. So was Jeff Tomlin, their VP of Business Development — who also resigned. Those are the only two P2 has publicly announced, but according to employee comments left on my blog there are several more high level managers that left last week.

    And the natives appear restless (understandably, IMHO)

  2. Jay: Your updates are great… Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Dustin. I strongly suspect that there are some at Point2 that don’t think they are so great…. 🙂

    “News” was officially released today. Inman wrote about it and shortly thereafter came the official Point2 press release.

  4. Jay: You “owned” the story. Great reporting! 🙂

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