When a tree falls in the forest…

Been way too swamped with a consulting project lately and haven’t had a chance to blog much (or send out my weekly emails). 🙁

However, that doesn’t mean interesting things haven’t been happening.   Here’s just a sliver of the things that have crossed my path recently:

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5 responses to “When a tree falls in the forest…”

  1. “Bellevue Bubble” is a terrible name unless you think there was one or is one or one burst or one’s about to burst. Most of the blogs with “bubble” in the title are really negative.

  2. I just now watched the NPlay commercial – the agent with the giant name tag makes me think of that Progressive (I think?) car insurance commercial where the saleslady notes that with all the money you save you can buy a “big tricked out name tag…” HEE!

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