I added the PuSHPress plugin that’s sup…

I added the PuSHPress plugin that’s suppose to push your new blog posts to sites like Google Reader in real time… and sure enough, I checked Google Reader JUST after publishing my last post, and it was already there!

Sweet! I love it when stuff like that works, even if I never can remember exactly how to say PubSubHubbub…

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    1. Total pipe dream… but with pubsubhubbub, it would be entirely possible to build a completely distributed twitter-like service with a feed reader and the P2 theme.

  1. legolasthehansy Avatar

    Hey… I know this is a bit old but did you do anything else besides activating the pushpress plugin on WordPress and posting content on your blog to see real time updates on Google Reader?
    I was trying to do the same but I don’t see real time updates on Google Reader..
    Appreciate your response

    1. Hey Legolasthehansy… I stopped using this plugin a long time ago. Think this real time push was integrated into the wordpress core, but I could be wrong.

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