If I were NAR’s Social Media Manager, I’d…

… listen to the needs of NAR executives and execute on their ideas.

It’s pretty clear from the job description, that that’s all they are looking for.  Anything more sounds fun, but probably isn’t realistic for NAR at the moment… and there’s nothing wrong with this.  It sounds like Hilary is swamped with work, so the right person could make a difference.

Most importantly, Rob is right that title’s matter, especially at an organization like NAR… and a “manager” position is meant to implement a strategy, not develop one.

I had a manager who worked for me at Move with a similar title and if I thought it would help, I’d happily recommend Todd for this position.  However, if I was in Todd’s shoes, I’d only give it passing interest until they added some real decision making authority and bumped up the title considerably.

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  1. Todd would be perfect for the job but you are right I would want the job very defined and some teeth in it.

  2. The job isn’t needed. NAR is not social and they don’t have media

  3. OK maybe they have media

  4. Ahhh.. Teresa… When pushing for more social media at Move, I used to talk about how NAR put the FIRST social network online when they aggregated content from tens of thousands of agents and mixed them all up in what became realtor.com.

    Problem was that they let it hit a dead-end instead of letting users community through the network they had created.

  5. Chris, I hate to say it, but I don’t think Todd would be the perfect candidate for the position… and seeing Jay’s note that they are not willing to relocate someone (after I hit publish on this post) is one more piece of the puzzle that the RE.net is putting way too much emphasis on this position. They don’t want and probably wouldn’t listen to someone like Todd, so he wouldn’t be the right person.

  6. I think that the reason the RE.net is putting so much emphasis on the position is they (we) see the potential of the position. The opportunity, the vision, the possibilities – all can be seen from here, but I’m coming to see, based primarily on the silence, that those things may not be able to be seen/recognized from within the confines of NAR.

    I’d love to be proven wrong.

  7. Dustin-

    Your most recent comment that the RE.net is putting way too much emphasis on this position is spot on. The expectations are ridiculous for those that have expectations, while at the same time, the presumption by the more vocal among the RE.net of impending failure and doom is equally ridiculous.

    A massive issue is being created over a simple job posting. And the notion that the entire city of Chicago probably doesn’t have a person capable of doing the job is equally ridiculous.

  8. Teresa,

    They have media it just isn’t worth listening to. And I think you are off big time on the point of them not being social. The lobbyists are very social.

  9. Dustin,
    I just finished reading Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes”. This is a group in desperate need of a Leader!

    My hunch is the person for this job would be found in the existing Real Estate Blogosphere. Not is a uber-corporate sounding monster.com ad.

    That’s why many of us are in Real Estate, to get away from those types!

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