Blogworld, emails, hotlist and more…

I’ve been enjoying the ease of posting over on the 4realz Hotlist, so if things have been light here, it’s only because it’s so fast and fun over there.  Definitely check it out and consider signing up to write your own microposts.

Also, the first day of BlogWorld (the REBlogWorld portion) has been a blast  (Jeff has a great writeup on my presentation) and a bunch of others blasted the twitter world with updates and photos.

And finally, I sent out another weekly email this morning.  Of course, the bulk of this week’s links and stories were from the credit crunch (ouch).    If you want to get an update that summarizes the most interesting happenings around the online real estate space from the past week, it’s as easy as signing up!

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  1. Okay, so help me understand this MICROblog thing….


  2. Chris… What are you looking to understand? I find the ability to share insights, links, ideas, etc to be a lot of fun… And I like to think that a bunch of short posts often add more insight into something than trying to create one big authoritative post.

  3. Dustin, I was catching up on my feed reader this AM and found your new site. VERY cool.

  4. Glad you like it Missy… Feel free to leave comments, stories, ideas on the hotlist any time! 😉

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