Geeking with Gmail

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately as I’ve been just swamped with work.   The work is really good stuff and I’ve been getting my hands dirty in all kinds of interesting projects.   I’m not ready to say who any of my clients are, but I’ve currently got some really interesting clients (almost none of whom are in the real estate space) and loving the work.

Anyway, for reasons I’m not ready to get into, I’ve been playing with Seesmic for the past few days and having a lot of fun with it.   If you don’t know, Seesmic is an online video community where folks get together to chat.  The potential is pretty darn high and it really doesn’t take long to connect to other folks.

All of which leads me to the video that I just posted on Seesmic…    I called it Geeking with Gmail and spend a few minutes talking about how I’ve been using gmail to keep my email-life organized.  Maybe you’ll find it interesting/helpful.

Geeking with GmailGiving some tips… and looking for your ideas.

And because I mention it in the video, here’s a link where  you can sign up for the free hosted version of Google App.

By the way, if you have a webcam and want to test Seesmic out, things are set up so that you only need to leave a video comment on this post to take part! (Click on the “Add a video comment with Seesmic” option at the bottom of this post!)

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  1. Great! So that’s what I look like when posting to 4Realz late at night. Video is so revealing 🙂

    I caught this on Seesmic and thought it was limited to the community there. Anyways… more tomorrow after some rest and a shave.

  2. Ah Brad… you look great in your late-night comfortableness… When I recorded the video, I was thinking of it as a blog post, so I didn’t occur to me to put a warning out there… but if I’m breaking some seesmic etiquette, just let me know! 😉

  3. And the good news is that no one is reading 4realz anyway. 😉

  4. >seesmic etiquette
    Oh boy, now there’s a hot topic 😉 hey, no worries at all.. what’s more social then letting it all hang out.

  5. I’m a PC 🙂 and I’m back to my Outlook. Though I do like to store large files in my gmail. Nothing…nothing…beats Outlook.

  6. @Ardell – i’ve got one thing that beats Outlook….

    Outlook plus hosted exchange!

    I am a PC

  7. Ok.
    I have a microsoft exchange server email that costs me $100/mo.

    I’m confused—I have a feeling that gmail could do a lot more, or the same, for free.

    No? Yes?


  8. @kevin tomlinson

    I use for exchange hosting. It only costs 8.95 a month per account for 3gigs of storage.

  9. @loren

    wouldn’t/couldn’t gmail take the place of all this stuff?

  10. @kevin

    Yes it could but I didn’t like it.
    The syncing of outlook/exchange is FAR above anything else out there.

    The syncing of outlook/windows mobile/iPhone/blackberry/palm from the exchange server just can’t be matched. When using exchange and syncing to multiple computers/phones it just can’t be beat when everything is on every device you own including a Mac with Outlook or entourage

    It just works. Even Jobs himself acknowledges the great job that Exchange can do, thats why it’s on the iPhone 2.0

    I tried going to gmail and I just didn’t like it. That doesn’t mean you won’t like it. It just wasnt for me. I’ve been using Exchange for 11 years now. and for the price I pay i will not dump it

  11. Kevin,

    I’m gonna have to disagree with Loren here… I’ve been using Google Apps email (the hosted version for business), for a while now and even set up multiple clients on the service and no one has looked back. It’s infinitely easier to customize and google does a great job giving admins access to the backend where you can set up email accounts, share documents, share calenders, and a bunch of other things that you’d have to be a coder to do with exchange.

    It really is much easier to set-up and configure and the fact that the price is free makes it pretty darn difficult to imagine that I’d ever go back to outlook.

    Also, be weary of comparisons between gmail and Outlook, but instead look towards the google apps version of gmail: which gives you just about all the flexibility of outlook with a much easier to manage interface!

  12. Dustin, I knew you would disagree 🙂

    Google Apps is good and I have set it up for many of my clients. Google apps works good with blackberry from what i have heard. I do not like having to use 3rd party utils to sync up windows mobile with Google Apps.


    Either way to really find out if Google Apps is for you, you have to set it up and try it.

  13. I’m going to disagree too. IMAP pretty much does everything you need for email, but if you’re 100% hooked on exchange, nuevasync does the rest. I use it to wirelessly sync my Google calendar, ical and iphone. It’s fantastic. Add to ical, wait 20 seconds, it’s on the iphone (and the other way around).


    Dustin: keyboard shortcuts save my wrists much mousing:

  14. I may embarrass myself here but clearly, it won’t be the first time, so here goes…

    I use Top Producer. *blush*

    I have hated it for years but didn’t know what else to use. This video stream has helped immensely. I was about to start using Outlook but this helped me rethink that just a bit.

    I’ve been using Google Apps (thx Loren) and still need to work on the filter process but I’m getting there. I also need to finish moving my contacts into my account.

    I love, love the calendar. My assistant can access it and my husband can access it. I just started thinking about setting up my company’s calendar for all my agents to access. It’s color coded and I love that it syncs so easily to my Blackberry. That one feature, accessibility, makes all the difference in the world to me!!

    I’m getting a little more tech savvy – one slow step at a time.

  15. So glad you found this conversation useful! 😉 If you do transition to a gmail-only email, feel free to stop back by to let us know about any issues you may be having…

  16. I have been on gmail for a couple of years now and I love it. Over the years Google has incorporated everything that you would need when managing your emails and your life. I recently started using it for business, and it couldn’t be easier. Everything is synced, shared, and accessible. There is nothing better!

    Sean Murphy, Rofo – San Jose Office Space

  17. Dustin,

    We’ve been using Google Apps for our team here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has been seamless in use with our blackberries, and outlook on our computers.

    The ability to share calendaring and documents has made this the best decision for our team. And yes, the cost is unbeatable!

  18. This is great information. I just have to say that I love gmail, the Google Calendar, and Google Docs. I also have Outlook at the office, and I do like outlook, but I like the google applications more. I really like how you can share the calendar and the docs with everyone. The docs especially help me for my blog.

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