Sharing some Hotlist heat

I’m a huge fan of releasing interesting projects and seeing where the community will take things.    In terms of experimentation, the Hotlist has been a huge success, and I want to thank the dozens of folks who have signed up… and especially those who have posted microposts and/or comments.

In the past day, we’ve had some great posts and I found out about some great posts that wouldn’t have otherwise crossed my plate.   Here’s some highlights:

Again, I want to thank everyone who’s started playing with this tool.  I’m sure there’s lots more fun to come!  😉

And if you want to receive a weekly email that will include the best of The Hotlist, you can sign up here!

UPDATE:  I added some links to note the author of the micropost if if wasn’t written by me. 🙂

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  1. Dustin: I appreciate the time it has taken you to throw together this experiment and the opportunity to participate. I’m always game to try new things…that’s what separates the old from the new in real estate.

  2. Thanks for playing! 😉

  3. Thanks for the plug again, Dustin. Hopefully we can get BiggerPockets Bulletin kicked off with some energy!

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