PropertyShark team launched MyDealBook and…

pre-launch opinion was to be very skeptical.

After a conversation with Ryan Slack (former CEO of PropertyShark, now CEO of MyDealBook), I became more optimistic that he had a plan beyond starting with a mass of users.

The way I understand it, the site is kind of cross between LinkedIn and ActiveRain… but with a larger focus on the commercial real estate sector since that community is pretty underserved online (as mentioned to me by Ryan).

I’ve been playing with the site for a few minutes, and it definitely leaves me with the feeling of “what next”, but I’m not really the target market.   I’m not really looking to connect with others to make deals, but then again, I’m not sure real estate professionals are looking online for this type of community.

With that said, if you do decide to try out the system, you (apparently) need to be “connected” to at least a few people before it will give you access to some of the features (like member search), so feel free to connect up with me.

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  1. commercial re is pretty underground so i wonder how many commerical brokers will go for it, however commercial is about how many contracts you have so the linkedin analogy works well but most who deal with commercial like myself would rather keep my contacts to myself.

    but then again, i haven’t look at service yet, so i could be all wrong. everyone should give it a look to see if they can make it work for themselves.

  2. Where did these 300k “members” come from? Do they know they are members? Am I on there? 🙂

  3. the “members” came from subscribers to property shark. My Deal Book looks a lot better of an idea than what i first thought.

    The “members” from Property Shark were asking for these features for Ryan Slack built a platform for their request.

    I think it might be something good. But as Dustin said he is not the target market and neither am I

  4. Trace: It looks like Loren beat me to the answer… His comments are right on target.

  5. Gary Adler Avatar
    Gary Adler

    it’s interesting , definitely much better than I expected.

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