The Benefits of Relentless Networking

Last year, I was asked to give a presentation to CLU students and decided to focus on the idea that they should be relentless in their networking! Often, when preparing for a talk, I “learn” something new or have an insight that sticks with me. For this talk, it was definitely that people looking to […]

Networking Relentlessly

Just posted an article over on Credibility Insights based on a presentation I gave at CLU yesterday where I was actively encouraging the students to network relentlessly. Check it out: New Graduates: Network Relentlessly to Land Your First Job

BuzzRE OC Wrap-up!

The BuzzRE  OC event was so awesome…   I met so many great people and the speakers came through with awesome presentations. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to join us! Some of the highlights were: Jon Lansner: Compared to any time in recent memore, there’s actually some good news to talk about […]

NEO, or the Study of How to Optimize Content for Social Networks

At a recent conference someone asked: Understanding Facebook’s algorithms similar to understanding how SEO helps explain how Google ranks sites? My response? EXACTLY! And I even give those algorithms a name: NEO

“How likely is this person to send me business?”

Lately, I’ve been putting a huge focus on thinking through how we (as professionals) can use social networking tools to build and strengthen our relationships… and in particular, our relationships with people who are key to growing our business (i.e. our “sphere” or “referral network”). And this has led me to my new favorite tool, […]

My last post got me thinking about a pol…

My last post got me thinking about a poll I asked on Facebook a little while ago… It’s pretty simple (only one question) and while there were a decent number of responses, I’d love to get even more. Here’s the question: REALTORS: What is your largest source of business?

7 Tips to Getting SEO Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts

Recently, I was asked by the folks at MOTM to give a talk on Social Media.  I typically present to real estate audiences, so I decided to rethink my usual approach for this tech-audience.  More than anything, I wanted to present something that was worthy of the group. After more than a few conversations, I […]

RE BarCamp: Collect them all while supplies last!

What a great day at RE BarCamp! It was so much fun to see everyone and build out my card collection! Blogger Cards, originally uploaded by tyrsdomain. Lots more photos from myself and others on this Flickr group.

“Social media lets you go wide, but…

…you have to make it go deep.”

PropertyShark team launched MyDealBook and…

…pre-launch opinion was to be very skeptical. After a conversation with Ryan Slack (former CEO of PropertyShark, now CEO of MyDealBook), I became more optimistic that he had a plan beyond starting with a mass of users. The way I understand it, the site is kind of cross between LinkedIn and ActiveRain… but with a […]