The VendAsta team starts out by tackling online social reputation management with…

this blog post by Brendan.  While it doesn’t provide much info on the VendAsta “product” it does start to shed some light on what the crew is thinking beyond setting up lots of Dell computers!

If you want more, they are equally vague about their actually product, but always interesting, on this video:

Here are my notes on how Branden describes what they’re building:

“Help existing real estate profesionals leverage existing social networks to connect with their constomers further upstream… long before they are ready to buy a home… and establish and build those relationships…   Social networks… any of them… we’re betting on them.”

(Thanks to Jay for starting me down the path of writing this post!)

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  1. Great. They are pro-Internet and think the Internet is great. Also social networking. VendAsta’s approach reminds me of Fred Thompson’s approach before he enterred the race last summer. These guys have nothing. Yet. Stop talking. No need to build up hype.

  2. Personally, I enjoy a bit of hype and Brendan is definitely playing the game well… 🙂

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