4RealzEd and RCG get picked up in NYT’s story about…

…using social networking sites like Facebook to generate business.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Jonathan at the Matrix for making the introduction between Stephanie and myself!

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  1. Hi D!

    Congrats on the mention….Funny, Stephanie emailed me at 6:34pm a couple nights ago for thoughts on the story too asking to talk for 5 minutes that evening and when I emailed shortly thereafter, she never responded. Weird. 🙁

    Yup, Jonathan is awesome.

    Social Media Guru at Trulia.com

  2. Dustin Luther, Superstar

  3. Dustin, congrats on the mention in NYT. That is big stuff. I am moving back to California this summer. What is your seminar schedule like? I would like to attend. I see you have one in Pasadena. Anything planned for later in the summer?

  4. Awesome Brian! It’ll be great to have you back in CA!

    We’re definitely going to do some more seminars this summer. We’ve been holding off getting too far ahead of ourselves as we wanted to get a better idea of what it takes to put one of these events on successfully. With that said, with two under our belt, we’re feeling MUCH better about our set-up and will almost definitely have an event in Orange County in mid-July! Hopefully we can get you in town then! 😉

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