Two moderators… no panelists?

Brian Brady’s (great post) on getting the most out of technology (as oppose to letting it get the most out of you), reminded me about a conversation I had with him this past week…

We’re both scheduled to be moderators for the final session of Blogger’s Connect (“Steer Your Blog Toward the Long Tail”) and, at least initially, I wasn’t sure if I should be thankful or if I was being punished since they scheduled no panelists.  The “idea” behind the session is that we would engage the audience in a conversation, which is potentially a lot harder than it sounds.

Anyway, I’m normally up for experimenting with just about anything, so I agreed to participate, but that doesn’t mean I understood how Brian and I would improvise the session and at the same time make sure that Blogger’s Connect went out with a bang.

Lucky for me, Brian came to the rescue with a great idea.  Once he started explaining his idea, it took me all of 30 seconds to get excited.  I don’t want to get expectations too high, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be having some fun and I’m hoping the fun will be contagious enough to spread to the audience.

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  1. I think you and I will learn more in the next ten days than we have in the past 18 months, Dustin.

    4realz readers, Dustin is the guy who coined the “3 L’s of real estate blogging”; linkation, linkation, linkation.

    If you’re attending REconnect and plan to watch the Dustin/Brian show, start your “homework” here:

  2. OH man!! and I’m going to miss this! I have complete confidence that the 2 of you will more than pull it off!

    Have fun and enjoy!

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