This comment from Pam Guthrie on Bloodhound seems like something that would be…

worthy of a response from the Trulia team:

I wish that Trulia would do what it says it will: … meaning, that it suggests to you that if you get a point2agent website, your listings will be fed into trulia. WRONG ! I pulled up a couple of my own personal listings and noticed that only 1 was being fed in from my point2agent website, while the others were being fed to Trulia from some OUTSIDE lead generating company with MY LISTINGS !! I have emailed Trulia several times concerning this. The outside lead generating company that is feeding my leads to Trulia is a member of our MLS. They are NOT salespeople. They are a magazine that sells ads to real estate agents. This magazine forwards my leads to the people that advertise in the magazine. I want Trulia to do what they say they will do and that is PULL MY LISTINGS INTO TRULIA from my point2agent website or follow the IDX link I gave them of which I pay each month to my MLS for. I gave Trulia the direct link from my MLS idx feed that gives them ALL MY LISTINGS. I have eight listings and Trulia only shows me being the agent for 1. This means that all interested parties obtaining additional information will be directed to this other Magazine and then the leads are disbursed out to their advertisers. YUK – WHAT A MESS – GET IT RIGHT TRULIA.

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  1. This issue is not limited to T since now you have syndication and re-syndication of of the listing data.

  2. Jessie: I would say it is not limited to Trulia except in that it will be interesting to see how they respond to concerns like this. It could be a real head-ache from a data aggregation point of view and if not addressed in a timely fashion, could definitely start to piss the agent community off.

  3. You want pissed off? Since my company started “feeding” their listings to Zillow (changing names but not subjects), my active listings are MIA and yet eight homes that closed escrow in 2007 are showing “14 days on Zillow!” or something to that effect. I have spent far too much time trying to get this corrected, not to mention fielding angry phone calls from incensed buyers who think I am pulling a bait and switch, to no avail.

    Since we are having group therapy, I have seen everything from double-postings to no postings on Trulia. And, don’t get me started on Yahoo. I am six days into a listing that has yet to show up there, yet my broker swears the feed is active.

    I do not know whose fault any of this is (my broker’s or the sites’), but it is becoming painfully obvious that while is the site we love to hate, the IDX feed with an opt out is the only way to resolve the issues we are seeing. And (get this), it results in a more heavily populated site, which I’m thinking is the goal.

    Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe I’ve just had a bad week.

  4. I just listed a home that already shows over 260 days on market on Zillow. The sellers asked me if I can change it (or I wouldn’t have ever noticed), but I can’t get Zillow to change it so the new listing looks as though it’s been active for months.

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  6. Hi Dustin!

    Pam’s issue has been resolved……We’re working on Kris’s issue now…….


    1. Issue was NOT RESOLVED…because I have to CONTINUALLY monitor what listings are NOT being pulled into TRULIA. It’s HIT or MISS.

  7. Rudy: Apparently you’re wasting no time! Trulia is lucky to have you on board!

  8. Greg & Kris – sorry to hear of both of your frustrations & for not seeing your comments earlier; I’m following up by email.

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  10. Trulia has corrected my problem. Thank You. Pam Guthrie.

  11. Pam: That’s awesome news!

    1. It wasn’t resolved…(TOTALLY)…it was fixed for a while and then went back to WHAT HAPPENED to my listings. ??..??..

  12. Wow, the power of a blog! I remember the old days of sitting on the phone and writing letters to the CEO. Think of the customer service issues that could be better handled if all of corporate America were open to transparent blogging.

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