Neighborrow provides an interesting twist on…

…getting to know your neighbors online. The idea behind Neighborrow is that you would join a group of people in your neighborhood who have all agreed to share things.

Kristen over at Mashable thinks it is the algorithms that will make-or-break the site, but I’m thinking it is a much more uphill battle than that. They have to overcome both a listings problem (i.e. enough listings) and a user problem (i.e. enough users). And the fact that it appears you have to join a group in order to see (free) listings means that people are not going to just randomly stumble across relevant things in their community.

Nonetheless, the site looks good and it is still in “alpha.” My hope for them is that they have a solid plan for getting a critical mass of users (at least in a few early-adopter markets), because I happen to think relevant listings will make-or-break the site.

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