Just Launched: Facebook Like Plugin for Every Post on Your WP Blog!


The HomeQuest Team just launched a WordPress plugin that adds Facebook’s new Like button to every one of your blog posts! SWEET!

You can download it (free!) here: http://u.pdat.es/ejprq

It’s really easy to use. I added it to both 4realz.net and Rain City Guide in under 5 minutes…

Here’s what it looks like on RCG after a few folks have hit the like button on an article:

Here’s what I did to add it to both sites:

  • Download the plugin to a memorable place on your hard drive (desktop?)
  • Navigate to the “plugins” section within your WordPress backend
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Click on “Upload”
  • Click “choose file”  and select the zip file of the plugin
  • Click “Install now”
  • Click “Activate”

That’s all!  Now Facebook’s Like button will be displayed at the bottom of every blog post.

Test it out here:

21 responses

  1. Hey Dustin~ I just downloaded the plug-in on my site as well…easy-peasy! and super-slick to boot! Thanks for keeping updated..:)

    1. Sweet! Facebook is definitely on a roll right now.

  2. awesome share … this would skyrocket the blog with words of mouth

    1. No sure about skyrocket… but definitely seems like it can’t hurt! 😉

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  4. Absolutely easy to install – thanks so much for the share, Dustin.

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  6. Did anyone figure out how to make the button be at the top of each post rather than the bottom? Thanks! We added it here: http://www.convinceandconvert.com

    1. Very cool… Love to see people adding the plugin. It wouldn’t be hard to add the option to add it to the top of the post. We were just talking about what features would be interesting in the next update and that one makes a lot of sense!

  7. That was super simple! Just added to http//www.agentapplause.com and will also add to http://www.harmonenterprises.com. When someone “likes” a post, does it create an activity item on their facebook wall? I assume so? Or can you tie it to a fan page?

  8. Stacey: Yes… It does appear as an activity on their wall, but it doesn’t appear to rank very well… (i.e. the activity doesn’t show up within the Top News of your friends).

  9. Just added this plugin to my blog too. Very easy. Would be great if it could tie into a page too.

  10. Dru: I was thinking about “pages” as well… It really wouldn’t be hard to do… and at least give us the option on the backend. Great call!

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  15. is this plugin working with WordPress 3.2 as well?
    i’m kinda noobish, i don’t want to make a mess…..
    thanks in advance for any answer

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