Talking Real Estate SEO with Aaron Majors

I’m working out of Portland this week in prep for the BuzzRE PDX event tomorrow (which is gonna rock thanks to an awesome speaker lineup!)… and the talk of the M Office is Aaron Majors’ success (and enthusiasm) for the SEO work he’s been doing on his Portland Homes site.

Here’s the interview I just posted to Facebook where he talks about the strategies he’s been using to rank for all kinds of terms related to distress properties (foreclosures, auctions,etc.):

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  1. Sounds like another great BuzzRE event, specially if it features SEO experts that can give insight as to what they are currently doing with hot topics (i.e. distressed properties).

  2. Hits it right on the head.

    You have to show up on Page 1 of Google.

    I am finding out for my online self list site – that yahoo and bing and the rest are not nearly as important.

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