Implementing Facebook’s Recommendation Social Plugin

Yesterday, Jeff let me know how Facebook launched the “like” button yesterday and a bunch of other social plugins, and it’s been a non-stop conversation around the M Realty office this morning.

The default “like” button didn’t work so well within my P2 theme, but I was able to get the recommendation plugin working with almost no effort at all… and it rocks!

It not only shows the number of folks who are sharing each article on my site, but will make personalized recommendations to you for articles based on the articles that you’re friends are sharing! So slick!

To get it launched on, all I had to do was

  1. head over to the recommendation generator page,
  2. fill in some basic information,
  3. click the “get code” button
  4. copy and paste the code into a sidebar text widget

It’s so darn easy, I decided to post it in this blog post!

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  1. Thanks Dustin. Did you realize that YOU are the example FB is using in their graphic on the Social Media Plugins Help Page?

    1. OK, I am a little slow today. I thought it was a static graphic, but it was a live example of the plugin at work, showing you (my FB friend) liking that page. I need caffeine!.

    2. LOL! I thought the same thing about Reggie when I first saw that page!

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  4. I see the Recommendations plugin is not working here on your page. My question is, will I be able to make it work? Or simply is something that does not work from Facebook.

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