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  • Have trouble understanding Facebook’s privacy settings?

    Have trouble understanding Facebook’s privacy settings?

    Apparently, even the former marketing director at Facebook (and sister of Mark Zuckerberg) gets blindsided by Facebook’s privacy settings from time to time. Update: My favorite take on this story yet: Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, Please Lecture Us About `Human Decency’ and if you’re curious about the details of Facebook privacy settings, Marketingland has a nice write up […]

  • Networking Relentlessly

    Just posted an article over on Credibility Insights based on a presentation I gave at CLU yesterday where I was actively encouraging the students to network relentlessly. Check it out: New Graduates: Network Relentlessly to Land Your First Job

  • The making of a Q&A video series: CredibilityLIVE

    The making of a Q&A video series: CredibilityLIVE

    I may have been a bad blogger here at 4realz over the past few months, but have been working away on some projects with the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility team that are just now coming to fruition… and so I thought I’d share some of what’s been keeping me so busy.    While working with […]

  • Is Facebook evil? I’ve been thinking ab…

    Is Facebook evil? I’ve been thinking about what Chris Messina is saying a bunch lately… and there’s more than a bit of truth to it… although it reminds of the bullet I bit when I started “going mac”. The debate about Facebook having too much control over the internet is nothing new… and only going […]

  • In adding the Facebook Recommendation Wi…

    In adding the Facebook Recommendation Widget to RCG, I decided to try something a bit different and add it to the footer (along with the social scope plugin widget). Does it work there? As kind of a “one more thing”… My hope is that if someone makes it through an article, but doesn’t know what […]

  • Implementing Facebook’s Recommendation Social Plugin

    Yesterday, Jeff let me know how Facebook launched the “like” button yesterday and a bunch of other social plugins, and it’s been a non-stop conversation around the M Realty office this morning. The default “like” button didn’t work so well within my P2 theme, but I was able to get the recommendation plugin working with […]

  • I read a quote yesterday from Facebook’…

    I read a quote yesterday from Facebook’s COO that’s stuck with me because it’s so darn relevant to real estate marketing, but totally unintentionally. According to the story, Sheryl Sandberg (FB’s COO) drew a funnel and described how Google does a great job delivering customers at the “point of sale” but that point-of-sale ad spend […]

  • REALTORS: You can use promoted posts to showcase your listings!

    But don’t! Greg Vincent asked the seemingly obvious questions as to whether agents should use Facebook Ads to send consumers to their post about a listing or a page on their website featuring the listing. The answer is neither. I’ve been buying Facebook Ads on-and-off for quite a while and have seen no evidence to […]

  • With Promoted Posts, Facebook is Targeting Google’s Adwords

    After writing my last post on why I think the ability to promote posts on Facebook is going to be huge, I realized I didn’t capture the “why” very well…  We already know that Facebook recently passed google.com in terms of raw traffic, and yet the industry around turning that traffic into real business is […]

  • Facebook Promotion: It’s all about the status updates!

    Facebook is rolling out all kinds of changes to Fan pages today… but it wouldn’t surprise me if the MOST interesting change flies under the radar for just a bit.   What is the most interesting change?  The one I’m seeing is that you can now buy an ad for an individual status update! Here’s […]