Been a ridiculously great morning at the…

Been a ridiculously great morning at the HomeQuest Social Media Summit in Portland.

We had a packed house… Great audience. Wonderful crowd. Engaging speakers. So much fun!

And the speakers were unbeatable. There’s always so much to learn from:

And if you were at the event, we’d love your feedback… What did you think? How could we improve the event/presentations?

[Photo from Dale Chumbley!]

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    1. yeah… it really was. Not only a full house, but good questions and great feedback.

    2. I thought the event really picked up steam as presenters rolled out the complete vision. Your example of ‘blog posting is like sending webmail was a great analogy’.

      I wondered though, if the majority of attendees had an understanding of what WordPress is, how it is administered, how to set it up, etc.. I know the talk wasn’t meant to be techy, but I was approached by a few attendees who didn’t know what it was or thought it was a product.

      1. Interesting point about wordpress… and you’re right that we weren’t trying to go too indepth in the technology. If anything, I hope they walked away thinking the technology just isn’t all that hard and the tools are just that: tools. The tools are interesting and fun, and we spend a lot of talk blogging about them, but they’ll change over time. Nonetheless, we could definitely have put a section in the presentation that was a little more hands-on here’s how you use the tool, but I find that stuff gets so dry so fast that I’m not exactly sure how we would have fit it in there cleanly. Nonetheless, we should figure out a way to get a bit more about the tools in the presentations…

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