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  • Connecting at #REplus22

    Connecting at #REplus22

    Starting two weeks ago, I decided to brush the cobwebs out of my blogging fingers by making sure to post something fresh every day… Because I’m fascinated by the growth (and potential) of green hydrogen, I’ve been focusing my energy by doing a deep dive on that industry. Interestingly, the green energy community is quite […]

  • Networking Relentlessly

    Just posted an article over on Credibility Insights based on a presentation I gave at CLU yesterday where I was actively encouraging the students to network relentlessly. Check it out: New Graduates: Network Relentlessly to Land Your First Job

  • What does it mean to be influential online?

    What does it mean to be influential online?

    No doubt I’ve got all kinds of theories on how to measure online influence, and even went so far as to outline them a bit in this comment, but for now, I just thought I’d just share my excitement that Sarah Needleman of the Wall Street Journal wrote a great article about one of the […]

  • BuzzRE: Internet Marketing Education for Realtors

    About two months ago, the HomeQuest team put on a real estate educational event in Portland that I thought rock’d…  With four great speakers (Gahlord Dewald, Garron Selliken, David Gibbons and myself) and some help from some local title reps, we brought together a few hundred agents to teach them about how they could improve their […]

  • Sometimes it’s the little things that c…

    Sometimes it’s the little things that count… and one of those little things is that now that I’m using Gist in replace of my feed reader, twitter reader and facebook newsfeed, I no longer need to worry nearly as much about “who” I follow on sites like Twitter… and no need to pay any more […]

  • NEO, or the Study of How to Optimize Content for Social Networks

    At a recent conference someone asked: Understanding Facebook’s algorithms similar to understanding how SEO helps explain how Google ranks sites? My response? EXACTLY! And I even give those algorithms a name: NEO

  • Started searching earlier today for a pl…

    Started searching earlier today for a plugin that would display tweets about 4realz articles as comments and found a plugin, BackType Connect, that does all that and some… For example, here’s how a tweet that Linsey made about this post looks: Sweet!

  • Love a good SWOT analysis and just came …

    Love a good SWOT analysis and just came across one that Jeremiah Owyang published last month that looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of these four social networks: Google Buzz, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. I find it most interesting that he would even include MySpace in the equation seeing as how they just don’t […]

  • Interesting that Seesmic just launched a…

    Interesting that Seesmic just launched a contact manager (as part of their web app)… The MG Siegler at TechCrunch seems to think they’ve perfected management of Twitter followers, but it’s still missing my favorite feature of Gist: the ability to view updates sorted by how important I’ve ranked people. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see […]

  • “How likely is this person to send me business?”

    Lately, I’ve been putting a huge focus on thinking through how we (as professionals) can use social networking tools to build and strengthen our relationships… and in particular, our relationships with people who are key to growing our business (i.e. our “sphere” or “referral network”). And this has led me to my new favorite tool, […]