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  • Getting more value out of your LinkedIn connections…

    A few years ago, I wrote a post about how to get more value out of LinkedIn, but I really haven’t given enough love to the site since them…  And I have an idea for how to change that.  Starting this week, I’m going to start writing one recommendation each week. I’m starting this “recommendation” […]

  • Seems like there’s a constant slew of g…

    Seems like there’s a constant slew of great posts about what works (and what doesn’t) on Facebook and Facebook Pages (like this one: 5 Things That Don’t Work on Facebook Pages), but what’s missing is the analysis of “why”… But the why is just not that hard… at least no harder than the why behind […]

  • Been a ridiculously great morning at the…

    Been a ridiculously great morning at the HomeQuest Social Media Summit in Portland. We had a packed house… Great audience. Wonderful crowd. Engaging speakers. So much fun! And the speakers were unbeatable. There’s always so much to learn from: Garron Selliken Gahlord Dewald David Gibbons And if you were at the event, we’d love your […]

  • Do you need a foursquare social media st…

    Do you need a foursquare social media strategy? Someone landed on my site today with the keywords: [foursquare social media strategy], and it got me thinking… Do I have a foursquare social media strategy? It’s all the rage to hate on foursquare (at least in the real estate space), but I’ve found the tool to […]

  • Lov’n Real Estate Speaking Opportunities

    If you’ve ever been to one of my presentations, you probably know that one of my passions is educating audiences. I simply love everything about a presentation…  and the bigger the audience, the more fun I have!   I’ve been pretty fortunate to land some amazing opportunities including speaking at all recent Annual NAR events, all […]

  • 4 Levels of Social Media Connections

    I was chatting with Dale Chumbley about Facebook Pages and how we’re both using them to reach out to our respective communities when he touched on an interesting topic… He said about 1/3 of the folks who became “fans” of his page were not his “friends” yet on Facebook. I’ve had a few conversations on […]

  • Why bother with Facebook Pages?

    Call me crazy (you won’t be the first), but I think Facebook nailed it with their updated news feeds and new functionality of their Facebook Pages. But before I can explain why, I need to give some background on the difference between a Facebook Page (also called a Public Profile) and the standard Facebook Profile. […]

  • 7 Tips to Getting SEO Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts

    Recently, I was asked by the folks at MOTM to give a talk on Social Media.  I typically present to real estate audiences, so I decided to rethink my usual approach for this tech-audience.  More than anything, I wanted to present something that was worthy of the group. After more than a few conversations, I […]

  • The trouble with Marc’s approach to Twitter

    Like many real estate professionals who are using the internet to market themselves, Marc seems to be overlooking the fact that the best clients come from your friends [link is broken, so I removed it]… your real friends. Most agents know this implicitly, but don’t necessarily make the connection to how they need to operate online. […]

  • If I were NAR’s Social Media Manager, I’d…

    … listen to the needs of NAR executives and execute on their ideas. It’s pretty clear from the job description, that that’s all they are looking for.  Anything more sounds fun, but probably isn’t realistic for NAR at the moment… and there’s nothing wrong with this.  It sounds like Hilary is swamped with work, so […]