4realz Gets a New Look

I was putting together a new blog for a client this past week (it’s not launched yet, so I can’t send you a link) and was inspired to use a new theme for 4realz.net.

There’s more than a few things that I like about this new theme, but some of the big improvements are:

  1. The code is really clean and easy to modify.
  2. I’ve become somewhat addicted to adding more pages to my themes, and by having the pages listed on the sidepanel (as oppose to tabbed across the top), I can add a virtually unlimited number of pages.
  3. The new theme has a convenient place for ads (i.e. the entire left sidepanel below the search box!)…. In terms of pricing and philosophy, I haven’t published anything yet, but when I do, you can be sure I’m going to borrow heavily from Jay.  And until I do publish something, you can expect that a 3 month commitment at $100/month will get you a 125 x 125 block on 4realz left sidepanel (assuming your ad is approved).

So far, the only problem I’ve noticed with this theme is that it’s doing something really quirkly with smiley faces in comments, so if you’re going to leave a comment, don’t use a smiley face (fixed!).


Kinda random, but looks like Kris just update her theme as well… and was also inspired by Jay.  🙂

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  1. Man, I’m just dying to use a smiley in this comment…..

    Looks *very* nice!

    Good luck with the ads. I took me a long time to pull that trigger, but I’m glad I did (and the advertisers on my blog are saying they are glad I did too….)

    I noticed that the button to add a Seesmic comment and the comment subscribe check box are WAY down the page and likely to be missed (but yeah for comment subscribe!).

  2. Noticed my Gravatar didn’t show up. But that’s my fault for typo’ing my own email address…

  3. Ohhh… good call about the seesmic plugin. That’s odd and must be due so a misplaced div in the code. More work ahead! 😉

    (and no, even I couldn’t resist the smiley face!)

  4. Great new look, I think new visitors will jump right in, subscribers might wonder what happened to the old site. Great seeing on other networks.

  5. The new theme looks fantastic. I’m in the process of trying to break redo my site, and it’s no easy task.

    Well done.

  6. Looks good. Now check out this plug in. It allows you to put your pages in any order you want. I use it on client sites myself.


  7. Love the new look, Dustin.

  8. Dustin – Nice work! One question, did Jay have to pay to get his picture on your banner? 🙂 🙂 (Two smileys just because I am a rebel.)

  9. P.S. The logo rocks.

  10. Dustin, great job on the new look. How much for a pic on the top banner? 🙂 (kidding)

  11. So glad the response has been pretty positive so far. And Kris, Ardell was featured twice in the banner. You can be sure that really cost her. 😉

  12. Looking snazzy… nice touch adding the photos in your header.

  13. “and was also inspired by Jay. ”

    Well heck, someone oughta nominat that guy for Inmans Most Influential Blogger List… 😉

  14. Dustin
    Any way you could work in the original “classic” 4realz banner into the design?
    I like the new look.

  15. Jay: when Inman gives it to you or not, I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say you’ve already made the list.

  16. Louis: Anything’s possible, but which one are you thinking? The beach shot with the back of my kid’s heads? Or the clay head shots?

  17. Looking sharp. I love the clean, sharp look.

  18. Nice new look. 🙂 Congrats Dustin.


  19. This is what you were talking about… Anyway, well good goin’ with the new look!

  20. I hate it. Looks like crap.

    Ok, not really, but I thought someone should say something different. 😀

  21. Hey, my gravatar didn’t work. Hmmm. . .

  22. 3rd time’s the charm… Striped success!

  23. Dustin, love the new crisp look! The blues are working for me. The banner gives it life!

  24. Nice, i like. I actually just redesigned my blog theme 3 days ago. Working out the kinks. But I am happy. Need to get my Bloglist together. 4realz is going up first.

  25. Andrew: Very cool site. I was looking at doing a magazine style theme as well, but decided to stick with a more traditional blog for the time being. I’m guess I’m a bit too old school to make the leap. 🙂

  26. The beach shot makes it look “4realz”
    I never took to the clay figures. Would like to see the beach shot somewhere in the design

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