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  • Super excited to say I’m now a partner …

    Super excited to say I’m now a partner in Selliken Systems! In my excitement, I recorded a short video about why I’m so excited about this opportunity: If you’re curious to learn a bit more about the team I just joined, here are some links to HomeQuest and M Realty. And if that’s not enough, […]

  • Because favicon love is so easy to give

    If you’re running a website, did you give your favicon any love?  Do you even know what a favicon is? A favicon is simple a mini-logo (icon?) that shows up next to your URL in most address bars. (Favicons also show up on the tabs of browsers and are often included next to articles you […]

  • Introducing the 4realz Hotlist

    I’ve had this idea for a long time about how cool it would be to open up a blog to the general public with only minimal moderation to keep out spam, but I could never put all the pieces together until the wonderful folks at WordPress created a twitter-like theme called Prologue. It was at […]

  • 4realz Gets a New Look

    I was putting together a new blog for a client this past week (it’s not launched yet, so I can’t send you a link) and was inspired to use a new theme for 4realz.net. There’s more than a few things that I like about this new theme, but some of the big improvements are: The […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: The Value of Home Values

    I’ve got something special planned for this week’s 4realz Roundtable. In honor of Realtor.com’s release of the home valuation tool, we’re going to cover the value of online home values! Join us on Thursday at 4pm (PST) to take part in the conversation! Of course, the discussion is what makes the 4realz Roundtable work, and […]

  • Hanan is the first person to acknowledge…

    Hanan is the first person to acknowledge 4 Realz with a most excellent note he sent to an email address he found in the living room… Hanan: You’re the best! You continue to be an inspiration to all real estate bloggers worth their weight in tubes! To everyone else: Get over to Hanan’s post and […]

  • Stats after 24 hours of operations: 58 h…

    Stats after 24 hours of operations: 58 hits  (not including me!), 38 posts, 3 pages, 0 comments and 20 categories.  I definitely won’t keep up this pace of posting for long, but I figured it would be nice to start with a bang!