A Wisconsin Realtor gets 18 months (probation) for criminal defamation…

… after writing on ActiveRain that another Realtor was linked to the Russian mob.

*note: I added the word “probation” into the title to be more clear!

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  1. Prior to the settlement with NAR and the DOJ I once wrote an entire lengthy post about the DOJ based on me having completely misunderstood MY main point. I only realized what I had not understood once it had been posted. It was then I could start the rewrite process. 🙂

  2. You know, this might sound a little naive but there’s this quote that I like and try to live by:

    “I will speak ill of no one. And I will speak all the good of everyone I know.”

  3. I can only say “woohoo”…finally someone made to adhere to the code of ethics…by a court…of course not by the N.A.R. You don’t talk about other real estate agents, it’s unprofessional. I don’t go to work to watch a soap operas do you? Also placing it in such a public location is obscene. The thing I don’t get, and have been struggling with in this business is that it seems to attract a lot of people with skewed moral compasses…when you mess with another agents reputation it inhibits their ability to provide for themselves, to feed their families and it infuriates me every time I see it or hear it.

  4. Be careful there is no fall out from Marlows link. I enjoyed reading it of course, we all like the juicey gossip, but even if you take slurs with a pinch of salt, its always there in the back of your mind. Best to always smile and nod.

  5. It is a shame to see such comments made by any Realtor. “Draft” mode is always a good feature to allow time to cool off. At one point or another we all get angry, but a professional knows when to show it and when not to.


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