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  • Set up your iphone/ipad to send email from a google apps domain alias

    I spent some time this morning trying to set up my iphone/ipad so that I could send emails from a new domain.  I want to switch all my personal emails to go from @4realz.net to @dustinluther.com… and have already set everything to work “right” on the backend of my Google Aps account. However, @4realz.net is […]

  • I’m totally missing the buzz… I’ve b…

    I’m totally missing the buzz… I’ve been playing with Google Buzz for a few days now and I know I must be missing something *big* because the ONLY thing I’ve found interesting about it so far is that by connecting with a bunch more people on the google platform, I now get more articles showing […]

  • Geeking with Gmail

    Things have been pretty quiet around here lately as I’ve been just swamped with work.   The work is really good stuff and I’ve been getting my hands dirty in all kinds of interesting projects.   I’m not ready to say who any of my clients are, but I’ve currently got some really interesting clients (almost none […]

  • Sharing some Hotlist heat

    I’m a huge fan of releasing interesting projects and seeing where the community will take things.    In terms of experimentation, the Hotlist has been a huge success, and I want to thank the dozens of folks who have signed up… and especially those who have posted microposts and/or comments. In the past day, we’ve had […]

  • Introducing the 4realz Hotlist

    I’ve had this idea for a long time about how cool it would be to open up a blog to the general public with only minimal moderation to keep out spam, but I could never put all the pieces together until the wonderful folks at WordPress created a twitter-like theme called Prologue. It was at […]

  • When a tree falls in the forest…

    Been way too swamped with a consulting project lately and haven’t had a chance to blog much (or send out my weekly emails). 🙁 However, that doesn’t mean interesting things haven’t been happening.   Here’s just a sliver of the things that have crossed my path recently: Brendan gets $3M in funding for MyFrontSteps!  A huge, […]

  • My inbox is…


  • Love the SocialNotes Implementation on Roost

    Want to share a listing with that special someone?  Check out Roost’s implementation… Background: SF Chron Roost Blog SocialNotes on RCG

  • ePerks continues to piss people off

    They would have been wise to take Jay off their list the first time.

  • Know your email options: reply vs forward

    “This is unbelievable,” Mozilo wrote. “Most of these letters now have the same wording. Obviously they are being counseled by some other person or by the Internet. Disgusting.”