Jonathan Washburn makes it interesting…

I thought it was interesting when he recently took a shot at Rich Barton and Pete Flint (twice), but my jaw dropped when I started reading his post criticizing (to put it nicely) Move’s opperation of

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  1. I don’t know him but I am pretty impressed with him so far – after reading that post. Thanks for pointing me to it.

  2. Russell: By way of background, he is a founder of ActiveRain…

  3. He makes some excellent points. The problem may be the bureaucratic structure of NAR; getting them to do anything before the market turns, whether that’s in 6 or 36 months could prove impossible.

  4. Glad I gave you a thrill Dustin. I would disagree about two shots being thrown at Zillow and Trulia. The second post was a shot more aimed at the lack of effort being put out by real estate’s old guard than it was a follow up shot at Trulia and Zillow.

  5. I enjoyed his post about I do believe that they could better serve the real estate industry in their offerings and the price being offered to realtors. Jonathan makes a point about buying the assests but I think more importantly about NAR looking out for members in the offerings at We have found in our testing that money spent on produces far fewer results than those spent on our own websites.

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