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  • Finding my voice… again

    Finding my voice… again

    It probably goes without saying that having a boss is one of the worst things you can do for our budding social media career. Back in the day when I first started running Rain City Guide (in March 2005!), it was incredibly helpful to be an outsider without any ties to the industry as I […]

  • Nothing like a roadtrip along the Big Sur coast!

    Nothing like a roadtrip along the Big Sur coast!

    Big Sur is an amazing coast with so many wonderful places to visit… So when the folks at Ford offered me a chance to test drive a Mercery Mariner Hybrid, my first impulse was to take a roadtrip down the Big Sur coast! Thanks to the Ford team, good timing with WordCampSF and the help […]

  • Jonathan Washburn makes it interesting…

    I thought it was interesting when he recently took a shot at Rich Barton and Pete Flint (twice), but my jaw dropped when I started reading his post criticizing (to put it nicely) Move’s opperation of Realtor.com.

  • Just in time for me to…

    …add to my birthday wishlist. (I wonder if they will give out free headsets?)