The 4Realz Roundtable

Last week I brought together a virtual roundtable of people to discuss the implications of the NAR/DOJ settlement.  I had a great time and got some great feedback from the participants and listeners…

And now I’m addicted!

In my next blog post , I’ll give details for the next 4realz roundtable, but suffice to say that it will be today (Thursday) at 4pm PST and we’re going to cover social networking…

But before I write that post, I thought I’d write a bit of background on what I learned about podcasting from last week experience:

  • It is a lot of fun to bring a great group of people together and Talkshoe made it trivial to organize and implement.
  • We had a great turnout to the live broadcast with 9 people calling in and a few dozen more listen to it live.
  • The chat function was very helpful for letting listeners suggest questions without needing to interrupt the conversation.
  • I need to let people know that if you want to call in, then you’re best registering with the site first.   Otherwise it can be very difficult to pay attention to the conversation, follow the chats and know which person is using which anonymous handle!

Everything went so well that I’m now committed to hosting a weekly 4Realz Roundtable and you’re always invited!

Some of the topics we’re likely to cover in the near future include:

  1. This week: Getting Value out of Social Networking
  2. Next week:  Evaluating Mortgage Tools
  3. Week of 6/19: Fannie Mae Appraisal Rules Changes
  4. Other ideas for future topics I hope to host: (1) International real estate tools and websites (2) New and/or emerging real estate technologies (3) Your suggestions!

And, of course, if there is ever a really hot topic that members of the 4realz Roundtable want to discuss, I fully plan to bump the regularly scheduled programing for the more interesting stuff!

And finally, you can subscribe to future podcasts on the the 4Realz Roundtable page on TalkShoe.

6 responses

  1. Interesting concept Dustin… Lookin’ forward to watching this progress…

  2. Thanks Ricardo… I’m having a lot of fun so far! 😉

  3. […] got a great lineup this week.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s a number of people who will always be invited for a seat at the roundtable…  […]

  4. Do you still need to use a recorder to grab the podcast and post it here or does TalkShoe take care of all of that for you?

    (What equipment do you use/recommend?)

  5. Ricardo,

    TalkShoe makes it REALLY easy… Just need a phone to call in and a internet connection to manage the dashboard. They handle everything else.

    In terms of my equipment… I’m using an cheap headset from RadioShack, Firefox for the browser and Skype for the call.

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