One more invite left…

Yeah, that’s right!   I published a post yesterday saying I had 5 ActiveRain invites to give away… Only to say a few hours later I never meant to hit publish on the post.

Ironically, I was approached by someone running a social network offering to bail me out by offering 4realz readers 5 invites to a new project they will be launching shortly (probably later this week).    If you’re the type of person who likes to get a jump start on everyone else, then let me know because I’ve already given four of the five invites, so I imagine the last one will go fast!

But here’s the catch.  If you want an invite, you have to agree to not talk about the tool until it is officially launched!    Leave a comment if you want to take part and I’ll choose someone who who I think would get the most benefit out of the new tool.

13 responses to “One more invite left…”

  1. hmm… the two of you are probably too far along in your blogging to find it particularly useful, but either of you might find it interesting. 🙂

  2. again … I am not interested in an invite, but now I am interested in WHAT it could be! I train new bloggers and maybe … just maybe this tool will be of help to them. Will you keep us posted as to WHEN we are allowed to know what it is? Thanks!

  3. @RealtyScoop Of course it will come out soon… and it could be an interesting tool for new agents, but… as always, I have a caveat or two. 🙂

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