4realz Exclusive: The ActiveRain team has given me 5…

… invites to join their network.  I’m giving them out to the first 5 people who leave a comment.


I totally screwed up today!  I created this “draft” post a while back to show someone how I could help market their social network. This morning I noticed that the post had stuck around in draft mode, so I went ahead on hit the “Delete Post” option… or at least thought I did.   Apparently I was moving a bit too fast and not paying close enough attention because I must have hit “publish” which would help  explain why I got so many many emails to my blackberry this morning as I was running between two meetings and a long phone call.

Anyway, the damage has been done, so I’ll leave the post up.    Nonetheless, I’m kinda glad I used ActiveRain in the example, because if someone really does want an ActiveRain invite, I’d be happy to provide one!  😉

12 responses to “4realz Exclusive: The ActiveRain team has given me 5…”

  1. Dustin,

    So we are all going to still win something right 🙂 ? What if we are already a part of active rain?

    I know you are a creative guy and can come up with something.


    PS For my prize you can post about the interview you did with us or put us on your blogroll.

  2. Michelle: If you register with WordPress.com (it’s free) you can get your own avatar. Otherwise you’re stuck with an orange monster (that looks nothing like you!) when you visit 4realz! 😉

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