The Yard Crashers launches on…

Monday, and while I don’t normally do plugs for TV shows, the producer on this show is a family friend (plus I got to see my first FrontDoor ad when I watched one of the promo videos!).

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  1. Sharon and I are big fans of HGTV so I have seen their ads several times and so far I like what I see, I think Coldwell Banker could learn a thing or two because I don’t like their TV ads.

  2. Yeah… CB’s ads have been getting pounded in the blogosphere. I was at a CB event a few months ago where they previewed the ads and the audience (500 CB agents!) seemed stunned after seeing them… The crowd wasn’t exactly enthusiastic.

  3. i’m very interested in this opportunity: i have a wonderful yard that needs a makeover…help

    • My yard really need some major help all yard and no shade what so ever.
      The small kids that I help my mom and dad with will love a outside play ground area and a cookout area because the most important thing is keeping them as happy as they can be so if Ican have that dream come true that will be a big blessing to me!!!!!!

  4. Hello
    We have a nice size yard with quite a bit of shade and it is on a slight slope. I have a hard time to get grass to grow and I need some imagination for decoration. We have a small pond in the yard as well.

  5. If he ever comes to Tampa Bay Florida, I will be stalking him. I have a big lawn on a lake that could REALLY use him !

  6. Why is every episode I have seen of Yard Crashers has people on it that have been on TV before? Either on reality shows or other shows that have been on Fine Living? Not famous enough people to be instantly known but it so happens I remember them.
    Makes me think that this show is not as “random” as they would like you to believe. Which is sad since, the idea that a real, regular homeowner getting a helping hand is nice.

  7. I LOVE this show!!!! I know my husband would be thrilled to have help with the yard. Are you coming to Huber Heights OH??? Please!

  8. When is Yard crashers coming to Topeka, Kansas? I live at Delia, Ks. but can be in Topeka at Home Depot or Lowes and there is no way I would say no to a yard transformation. I have been working for 50 years trying to get my yard looking nice and I have just about given up. HELP YARD CRASHERS!!!

  9. My family and I just purchased a lake front home in Virginia. Lake Anna is a great place. What a mess the back yard is. It is a sloped lot that needs a overhaul. I just started watching your show and plan to visit every home improvemnet store I see until I meet Ahmad. We have great water but now need a yard, patio, etc. YARD CRASHERS RULE!!!!!

  10. We live in Atlanta in a beautiful old neighborhood. Unfortunately, our house and backyard don’t reflect that beauty. Would you guys like to look like rock stars? A makeover is imminent!

  11. Yard Crashers I need help bad. My better half and i have owned our house now for a little over two years. We have stressed our brains since we bought this house and we have not been able to make our outside space really work for us. We love the outdoors but it is a bit frustrating that every time we go outside to enjoy the fresh air we end up working to try to better this space but nothing seems to work for us. Can you guys please come to Tampa Florida and help us please. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  12. LOVE,LOVE, THIS SHOW!!! If you are ever in beautiful Beaufort SC please help my parents. Beaufort is beautiful, my parents yard, not so much. You have a fan for life

  13. I desperately need Yard Crashers to visit me in Summerville, SC. I have a sloping back yard that backs up against wetlands and have no idea what to do with it! Help Yard Crashers!!!!!!!!

  14. My name is Yolanda Hayes and I live in Compton, California. I would like for Yard Crashers to consider doing my back yard. My lot is 75 x 140 – it is a vacant lot. I really really need help – Thanks for considering my vacant lot

  15. How about doing a yard in North Babylon New York? I think my yard is pretty nice but would love for you to give me advice, come and see what you think. Linda

  16. In august 2009 we started remodeling my mother-in-laws house to help her out. We remodeled both her bathrooms, her kitchen, painted her house inside and outside, and did the front yard landscaping.
    In the last year I have become permanently disabled. On May 25, 2010 my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was in hospital to remove his esophagus. Now he is on chemotherapy.
    My 86 year old mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer on the same day my husband was diagnosed with his cancer. My mother in law had three children , two have passed away. My husband is her only living son.
    We have exhausted all our finances and still have the back yard to landscape.
    The purpose of this e-mail is to see if perhaps your organization can help us out in finishing our back yard. This would be a GREAT help if you can do this a charitable project.
    Your positive response would be appreciated and understandable if you decide not to do this, but please respond one way or another.

    Thank you in advance,
    Irma ALvarado

  17. First allow me to say that I honestly love the show and the ideas that come from it. However, it seems to be the same area and types of people are the ones getting help OVER and OVER and OVER again. Do you ever come to the SouthSide of town, like East Point? I love my house and I work in my yard at least 4 days out of a week. We’re constantly doing projects but my yard still isn’t where I’d like it to be. I live in Lowe’s and Home Depot……..I need Ahmad’s help drasticaly. Please help us on the Southside.

  18. My wife has been attempting to write aletter to yard crashers, she wrote many letters only to find out that is was not yard crasher, please help me, Ive been looking for a address, which I cant find , it would make life much better if I could get her a address to write to.

  19. I retired in Aug 2003. One week after I retired I was informed I would have to move my modular home off the land I had rented for 20 years. I had to buy 3 wooded acres of wooded land and put a new modular home on it. Im now 70 and handycaped so I cant do a lot in the yard. I dearly wish to have a nice yard to be proud of in my senior years. Love your show and what you do, Beautiful.

  20. We live in Manalapan NJ… will Ahmed and the show be traveling East anytime soon? We truly need some help. Our yard is about 100 x 75… a lot of nice nothing for him to work with and we have a pool but it’s in the middle of dirt!!!

  21. wow! is all I can say about the show! I’m currently watching the Ultimate Crash: House, Bath, and Yard… it is awesome! I love the ideas… my build book keeps getting bigger!!! Crash On!!!

  22. hi,
    would ahmed please come to hinesville, georgia.. we are a military family and just recently bought our first home, my husband is never home to help me with the yard.. the house is our dream home but without the yard done the dream is incomplete.. please help, our backyard is just a blank canvas!! btw we have a 18 month old son and another baby on the way. we really want the yard done before its born. im only 6 weeks. please please help.

  23. I have lived in my home for 10 years. I have not been able to put in my yard. The sprinkling system is torn up and I have a half built deck. I’m on a corner lot with no fence it’s an eye soar all the way around. If only you’d come to Utah and save me from my yard!

  24. love the show. we would love to make our yard more functional for our kids but have no idea where to start!

  25. I have a large back yard that has never been land scaped. It has big rocks sticking up in the lawn. The grass doesn’t grow very good.I also have different kinds of brush growing in the yard. Lots of rocks. It is on a gradual slope, then drops off to a low area in one corner of the yard. It is kind of rough and bumpy, & uneven. It has always been my dream to have a nice back yard While I am still young enough to enjoy it.

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