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  • Trick to Successfully Live-Streaming an Event?

    Hire professionals! No kidding.  For a while, my previous startup ran a few live-streamed events and can tell you it’s hard stuff to get right. A few months ago, my team was asked to capture HD video and live-stream the entire day for an “Access to Capital” event in Downtown LA.  Theoretically, my team could have tried to […]

  • What’s Behind a Successful Interactive Video Event?

    I’ve had a blast over the past year putting together the CredibilityLIVE events with our team at DandB team. We’ve been able to bring some great guests to our small business community including: John Assaraf: Using BrainScience in Your Business Paul Chaney: Listening is the New Marketing Steve Cox of the BBB: Building Your Business by Building Trust John Suh of […]

  • Photos from my CredLIVE trip to DC

    I’m just finishing up a great trip to Washington DC where I came out to manage the production of a CredibiltyLIVE event with the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau. Since I mentioned how much I enjoy taking and editing photos with my iPhone 4S in my last blog post, I thought I’d […]

  • When I put yesterday’s post together, I…

    When I put yesterday’s post together, I had totally forgotten that Jeff Bernheisel recorded a short video of me explaining the Agent Biz Cycle last time I was in Portland. If you’re the type of person who preferes a video explanation, here you go:

  • Eric Bryn rocks… Here he is demonstrat…

    Eric Bryn rocks… Here he is demonstrating the power of word of mouth marketing: The Power of Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing from Eric Bryn on Vimeo.

  • Some great insights into leadership from…

    Some great insights into leadership from the Dancing Guy based on the video I posted earlier today… Well worth watching!

  • Ridiculously great video showing how peo…

    Ridiculously great video showing how people can be influenced by other’s behavior From 6 Powerful Social Media Persuasion Techniques

  • Capturing the Hallway Conversations at NAR

    Last Friday one of my companies, Spinnio, ran a live video chat with David Arquette at his Propr Clothing store that was hosted by Shira Lazar. It was so much fun with the two of them (and the many guests that walked into the store during the event) that it’s inspired me to do something […]

  • Having way too much fun with Facebook video streaming…

    I’ve been playing pretty hard with Facebook streaming video this week… including an interesting movie promotion. However, because I’m playing with a new Facebook chat feature through RCG’s Facebook Connect, I decided to post about it over there, so please check out this post on RCG: Live Video Streams on RCG? With Facebook Chat?

  • Geeking with Gmail

    Things have been pretty quiet around here lately as I’ve been just swamped with work.   The work is really good stuff and I’ve been getting my hands dirty in all kinds of interesting projects.   I’m not ready to say who any of my clients are, but I’ve currently got some really interesting clients (almost none […]