CRT looking for social networking experts to…

submit proposals for a special session at NAR in Orlando!

I have lots of ideas, but I think it could be particularly interesting to submit a proposal for a discussion along the lines of “learning from success.” My idea would be to show a few different examples of how people are generating leads by using (non-blogging) social networks like LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and tie everything together in some general themes of what it takes to be successful.

I have enough good examples in my back pocket to put a presentation together, but I could ALWAYS use better examples… Are you an real estate agent or mortgage broker who has found a way to tap into a particular online community who wouldn’t mind sharing your story? Let me know!

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  1. There are plenty of case examples to look at- most of them revolving around SEO techniques around communities or online word of mouth campaigns. Point2’s Facebook app would be a good example of a quick adoption item, as well as many of the realtors who have amassed 10k+ mailing lists on sites like Myspace. I’ve even seen a few pop-up on too.

    Perhaps a brainstorm conference call. E-mail me at my new address if you want to catch up!


  2. Jeff: When I read Rudy’s comment earlier today, my initial reaction was… I wonder if we can do something together. And then, when I saw your name on a comment, I immediately though, I wonder if we can get Jeff involved!

    The fact that you suggest that thought in the comment makes it all the better!

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