Congrats to Mike Lefebvre for winning the ActiveRain…

video contest! From the perspective of a judge, Mike made it easy by executing on a great idea!

Also, if one real estate video is not enough, I created a playlist of some of the other memorable entries to satisfy your interest in real estate video fix.

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  1. Beyond brilliant. Hat tip to Mike!

  2. Thanks again for taking the time to be a judge for us Dustin. We really appreciate it, and I couldn’t agree more, Mike executed on his idea very well!

    I’m a little jealous he’ll be spending the day with Seth Godin……

  3. No doubt that a day with Seth Godin is gold!

  4. Dustin, thanks for taking the time to judge. Mike’s video was too cool. I appreciate you including my first attempt on your playlist!

  5. As a judge Dustin, you have impeccable taste! My personal thank you message to everyone involved can be found here: http://www

    Bob, thanks for everything. Video diary of my trip to NYC to follow.

  6. I had missed the contest but heard about Mike’s video -brilliant!!

  7. I love it! Classic idea and great execution. Straight out of Dragnet. How did he get Dan Akroyd to do the voiceover? =)

  8. So clever! I just loved how he used the video to talk about the highlights of the house.

  9. I agree… It was a great idea for showing off a home!

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