Half of women surveyed say blogs…

influence their purchase decisions.

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  1. Interesting article. It would be nice to know if the same holds true for men.

    What do you think, Dustin?

  2. I would have been surprised if a survey said that 50% of women (or men) knew what a blog was, let alone attribute it as something that influenced their purchasing decision.

    In re-reading the article, I just realized they don’t say how they collected their data. I just assumed it was a random sampling of women. Maybe the Blogher group simple sampled their userbase or something, in which case, the numbers would clearly be misleading as presented.

  3. article gives off a sense of a small self-serving sampling. Do this at a Supermarket and the numbers will be much lower.

  4. One woman influences all my purchasing decisions- my wife.

  5. So the relevant question becomes: how much do blogs influence her purchasing decisions??? 🙂

  6. She does not read them!

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