Todd thinks an agent should start a debate with Chris Pirillo and…

…his tips for how consumers can save money by going without a traditional agent.

However, if someone does take up this challenge, which could be quite interesting and information, I’d recommend first that you dive into the logic that permeates the tech crowd.    One of the slides that has made it into all of my presentation where I talk about understanding consumer expectations simply says:

  • “Real Estate Transactions are Inefficient”

The important point I make in my presentation is NOT whether or not this statement is true, but rather, the perception among the technology crowd, and many consumers, is that this statement is true…   Sites like Trulia, Zillow, dotHomes, Redfin, Roost, etc. were started by tech people who saw the real estate transaction as inefficient and had the technical and managerial skills to attack some element of the “inefficient” market by giving consumers more and/or better access to information.

(h/t for the idea goes to Todd)

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  1. See, you want to win the argument. But a true fan of CP is going to take his side right or wrong. I would try to appeal to the non-tech thinking people in his audience.

    Looks like nobody is interested in the challenge either way. Would have been fun to watch.

  2. Computer programming is easy. you don’t need to spend a lot of money on programmers. Here are some easy tips…

    1. Go to someplace like or and get open source software.

    2. Pick out the right complement of widgets, plug-ins and components to do what you need.

    3. You might have to find a specialist to help with something like IDX.

    4. Drop by the bookstore or library and pick up a couple of books on joomla (or wordpress or whatever) and some books on basic php and html.

    5. Google is your friend. Search for others that have found solutions that will work for you…

    Or, instead of spending 1000 hours to save $1000 (paying yourself $1/hr.) you might consider finding someone that is better at it and can do the same work faster.

    Would you prefer the argument using auto repair? Home repair?

    He is absolutely right… people don’t NEED a real estate agent (ok, some do), but the transaction can be smoother and more efficient with the right one. This isn’t rocket science… and neither is most auto repair, computer programming, construction… whatever.

    On my Active Rain blog, in the member area, I have a post about what one guy can do with tools that are easily available to anyone… and I would bet there aren’t three other people in the world that could do what he did.

  3. Interestingly, Coldwell Banker Bain had him as the Guest Speaker for our Digital Media Conference a few months back. I don’t recall him talking about this subject then…

  4. Jim, I can’t imagine you’re surprised about that… but it is an interesting observation!

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