“Real estate agents, who initially tried to appease home sellers by advertising more on…

…traditional channels, this year cut their print budgets and pushed more money into the Web.”

~just dug up by Jeff

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  1. Is this really an article?? How about some figures to support your claims, or something substantial at all.

  2. Online spending is tallied in the billions with continuing increases year after year.

  3. Thanks RB for being so quick with the link!

  4. No problem!

  5. And of course, there is the link in the original source from Jeff:


    Please tell me this doesn’t come as a surprise to *anyone*….

  6. Dave from the REA Group here.

    Great item, Dustin.

    We noticed the same thing in Australia, where the market is slowing a bit (although nothing like what you have in the US). We are also seeing this in Italy and the UK, where we also operate real estate websites.

    One agent is spending $25 online for every dollar he spent there 3 months ago, and this is not uncommon.

    This link shows what agents are saying:

  7. Those are some great examples Dave! The evidence of the massive sea change from offline to online spending is still mostly anecdotal (or “projected”), but seemingly reasonable…

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