Rumors spread that Trulia is getting Prudential’s Listings

It started with the real estate coach and spread to Joel before hitting 4realz. And it all seems so believably that no one is really doubting the story.
However, I think it is worth nothing that there’s a bit of confusion over the total number of listings that Prudential would be giving Trulia… and I’m pretty sure the the confusion stems from the fact that Yahoo ran their real estate site as it if was an IDX feed from Pru so that Pru was “sending” all the MLS listings (Pru and others) for most MLS’. However, if Prudential is sending listings directly to Trulia, this would no longer be the case and I’m almost positive Pru doesn’t have anything close to 4M US listings as reported by the various sites.

Either way and any way, this would be another big win for Trulia, but as Joel notes, Michael agrees, (and I’ve said before), it is not self-evident that at the end of the day, the consumer wins with broker-fed listing sites.

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  1. Trulia can definitely feel like an anomaly sometimes… But at least in my opinion, their growth is well-deserved. They’ve been savvy and executed well in both their SEO and brokerage strategy, although it will be really interesting to see if they grow going forward especially after they were recently hit by google on many of their local pages.

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