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  • Doing it the Coldwell Banker way: Yahoo is now Google’s…

    …hmmm… I can’t do it justice.   You just have to watch the video yourself.

  • 5 Reasons Microsoft Search Still Sucks

    All the talk about Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google reminded me that I hadn’t checked to see if Microsoft has made any improvement to their search results in quite a while… I know one term doesn’t make a rule, but I’ve found the term [Seattle Real Estate Blog] to be great for testing out the search […]

  • If Yahoo got their social media act together, this…

    …could be huge. I’ve always enjoyed the niche social networks bought by Yahoo (Flickr, Upcoming, del.icio.us, etc.)… and if they can keep them niche, while making Yahoo more social, there’s potential for some interesting synergies. (I found this particularly interesting in the context of Yahoo’s desire to keep prodding along…)

  • The Big List of Real Estate Events

    As best I can tell, there isn’t a great list of real estate events that is published anywhere on the web.   CourseDates probably comes the closest with their list of real estate conventions, but even they’re missing the smaller events that I want to track. So this evening, I created a group on upcoming simply […]

  • Rumors spread that Trulia is getting Prudential’s Listings

    It started with the real estate coach and spread to Joel before hitting 4realz. And it all seems so believably that no one is really doubting the story. However, I think it is worth nothing that there’s a bit of confusion over the total number of listings that Prudential would be giving Trulia… and I’m […]

  • The 1st 4RealzEd event was yesterday and…

    I think I’ve recovered enough now to actually post about it! 🙂 Despite our best efforts to be prepared, the day started off a bit rough with a nearby mudslide taking out power in our building in the morning (meaning no hot coffee and no projector) and a 9-car pileup on a nearby freeway slowed […]

  • Going way back before I took my job at…

    …Move, I landed a 30-minute meeting with Dan Rosensweig (COO of Yahoo at the time), where I tried to convince him that I should lead up a team for Yahoo to build a platform that would help real estate professionals market themselves at a local level using the various tools Yahoo had in-house (at the […]

  • Forbes likes my idea of MicroHoo turning over…

    …their combined real estate vertical to one of the big players in the space: “And the Microsoft-Yahoo! combo needs to make sure that it owns the cream of these, including Kayak in the travel vertical and Trulia in real estate.”

  • Design or Dysfunction?

    As Brian pointed out, Yahoo Real Estate currently returns broker-uploaded listings by default, but also gives consumers the option to see “MLS Listings” via their agreement with Prudential. My guess is that Yahoo has (internally) made the decision to end their existing IDX relationship with Prudential at some point down the road and is using […]

  • I’m with Joel in wondering what…

    ..MicroHoo would mean for online real estate…  (and especially for Move who did not renew the contracts to run the listings behind AOL Real Estate AND Yahoo Rentals last year). My guess is that it would be a good thing for Move as it would provide at least another year of breathing space while senior […]