It’s time for a 4Realz Internet Marketing Education!

Word has been leaking all over the (I wonder how that happened) that I’ve been working with Jim Marks to organize a series of seminars where we aim to educate real estate professionals on how they can improve their internet marketing. Our first event is only two weeks away in Los Angeles and we’re going to quickly follow that up with two more events in Southern California.

I like to think of my target-market as “tech-interested” agents and brokers as oppose to agents that are already “tech-savvy.” And because much of the material we will cover is probably a bit too basic for many of the people reading this blog, I’ve been doing most of my outreach to date through other mediums (such as e-blasts through brokerages) where I am more likely to reach local real estate professionals who would be most likely to sign up for one of our courses!

However, just yesterday, Jim picked up my favorite marketing piece for the event and I can’t help but share my excitement! I honestly think this will be one of the most interesting parts of my education to the people of the (that means you!)…

4realz Coins

Just yesterday, Jim picked up our REALZ coins!

These are two-inch, heavy, antique brass coins. When you pick one up, they feel valuable and that is because they ARE!

Each coin is going to be worth $44 to be spent on our event sponsors (to be names shortly!).

Essentially, I hate asking for favors of people, and rather than beg the bloggers of the to do promotion for me, my idea is to reward those who are able to attract a relevant crowd of real estate professionals!

So here’s the deal… Registering for one of our events is a two step process… Step 1 is filling in your contact information and step 2 is paying. Anyone who completes step 1 (regardless if they pay) will be emailed a unique URL that they can use to help spread the word.

If you’re up for helping us spread the word then for ever person who signs up after clicking on your unique link, we’ll give you one coin at the event that can be spent on any of the event sponsors.

The REALZ coins are obviously geared toward encouraging real estate agents to tell other agents because the sponsors we have on board by-and-large serve the agent community.

Jim with 4realz coins

However, my number one concern (and only concern at this point considering how easy it has been to get sponsorship), is filling the seats up for the first event.

For the first event we reserved a room for 100 people, and I’m completely committed to filling the room up!

And just as attendance at my events last spring went from 68 people at the first event to over 250 by the third event thanks to positive word of mouth, I’m convinced that once we give a few people a 4realz Education, they’ll tell their friends who will tell their friends and we’ll be able to attract good size crowds well into the future. (Call it faith in the wisdom of the crowds!)

However, despite my overall optimism, my stress level will be considerably lower (and I’ll start to get a full night sleep again!) if I can get a packed house at this first event!

For that reason, if you’re a vendor, mortgage broker, or other industry insider who is interested in helping us fill up the seats by blogging, emailing or simply spreading the word in any way you see fit, I want to make sure you get a massive benefit!

I can’t make any promises about paying out cash per person you can help me get registered, but I can promise that I’ll make sure you feel well-rewarded! And if you need something more specific than that to get your promotional wheels spinning, contact me and I’ll happily work something out on a case-by-case basis.

So, now that I’ve talked about the promotional angle, what is a 4Realz Education all about? And why am I convinced we’re launching the right course at the right time?

I’ve got all that information on our event website, but I haven’t provided a link to the site for a very good reason. I want to reward the people who have already started to spread the word! So, if you want to learn more about the 4realz education, here are some of the places you can find a link to the event website where you can learn more:

    As always, if you have any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact me! And, even if you don’t plan to attend, please consider signing up for the first part of the registration in order to get your unique code that will give you credit for spreading the word about this valuable educational opportunity for real estate professionals!

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    3. Zig Ziegfried Avatar
      Zig Ziegfried

      Just dropping you a quick note here. Glad to see you’re tapping into the power of the wisdom of the crowds.

      The book I’m currently writing / actually orchestrating via a wiki style collaborative effort with input from leading business modelers and marketing gurus will contain an entire section on how realtors will soon be able to harness the untapped power of merging Multiple Listing (MLS) with social computing .. which promises to revolutionize how home buyers not only buy homes, but how Realtors will be able to step in sync with them long before they enter into the buying process … optimize the lifetime value of a customer concept long after they buy, and complete the cycle … by funneling word of mouth buyers / referrals back to the originating realtor long after the initial transaction.

      Good Luck in Your Seminars! Zig

    4. Thanks Zig…

      Do you a link to the wiki for those of us who are interested in learning more?

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