InternetCrusade and RISMedia partner to?

The way I read the press release, RISMedia has adopted InternetCrusade’s RealTown blog platform as their social networking interface. I think this is something akin to an official endorsement, but there could also be an understanding that RISMedia will integrate the RealTown’s community content on their site. However, I didn’t see any details suggesting what this partnership will look like.

I first heard about it from Maureen, but it is Jonathan who has the first bit of analysis. His take is that the announcement is really no big deal and I tend to agree. Nonetheless, I can see how this would make sense to both companies and really plays to both companies strengths, which is in their connection to the industry. I think the idea behind the partnership is that they can use their connections to encourage real estate professionals to engage more deeply on their sites.

But as with another recent InternetCrusade-related announcement, I’m a bit skeptical that the two companies really understand the types of innovation that will be necessary to attract consumers. I believe that focusing on the benefits to the real estate professionals first is going about it backwards. I strongly believe that the next round of social networks that will be adopted by real estate professionals are the ones that get massive consumer adoption. Without consumers, the benefit to participation is simply too low for more agents.

It seems relevant to reiternate a comment I made a few weeks ago (thanks to Jim for reminding me of it!): “I really don’t care if its a new CMS, new listing tool, new social network, new blogging tool, new MLS backend, or new analysis reports… If you can get enough consumer eyeballs, the real estate agents will follow.”

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Jonathan did a good job of analyzing as did you. I was just saying “Huh?” as I so often do, it’s my style of blogging.

    I think I heard a muffled scream via Twitter yesterday about it being more than the blog platform when you wrote “RealTown blog platform as their social networking interface.” Or maybe the Twitter was about someone else blogging about the merger and not getting the facts right.

    I took the Twitter to mean it is the blogs and the communities (RealTalk, BlogTalk, ePROTalk, etc.) and the articles… and the education and whatever else makes up the whole ball of wax… at RealTown rather than just the RT blog platform that RISMedia will be using as their social networking interface…. but what do I know?

  2. I’d agree that it is all about the search. One of the concerns with social networking platforms is that even site users often can’t find what they’re looking for. You can imagine the barrier this places for consumers trying to access a specific type of information.

    It clearly takes a lot of work to “break through” the algorithmic maze of google and other search engines, but that’s the primary power of blogging and on line marketing.

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