Sometimes it is the simple things that…

… feel like pennies from heaven.  My take (or maybe hope) is that the next round of innovation in the real estate tech space will actually provide fewer options.   There’s so much clutter that a simple daily email of listings by zip code that includes all listing types (MLS listings, FSBOs, foreclosures, etc) sorted by “good deals” actually sounds refreshing.

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  1. Hello Dustin,

    I think this concept is good but “good deal” is relative to each individual especially if compared using the “zestimate”.

    The service currently appears to only be available in Wa. as I tried to sign up in Ca. and there was no zips available. Note, this can also be done via creative uses of RSS feeds to keep an eye on the market.

    We agree the the having all types of listings in a single result sounds refreshing (and something we are currently working on) but I think there will be a learning curve for the general public to learn how to appreciate and digest information presented in a non-traditional manner.

  2. Jessie: I’m right with you. Unless it is darn simple, there’s bound to be a learning curve that could be the killer of any new listing search tool!

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