Super excited to say I’m now a partner …

Super excited to say I’m now a partner in Selliken Systems!

In my excitement, I recorded a short video about why I’m so excited about this opportunity:

If you’re curious to learn a bit more about the team I just joined, here are some links to HomeQuest and M Realty. And if that’s not enough, definitely check out Garron Selliken‘s blog… These are some great folks, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the team!

And of course, if you have any questions about what and why I gave up my independence to join this team, send ’em my way! I love those kind of questions! 🙂

Love a good SWOT analysis and just came …

Love a good SWOT analysis and just came across one that Jeremiah Owyang published last month that looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of these four social networks: Google Buzz, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

I find it most interesting that he would even include MySpace in the equation seeing as how they just don’t seem to offer much these days… and definitely seem to be becoming more irrelevant by the day.

With a month’s perspective behind us, I also find it interesting how he puts Google Buzz at the same level as Facebook and Twitter. It seems to me that Google Buzz is quickly going the way of Google Wave… Interesting technology that will definitely be used heavily in a few niches, but it’s not likely to change the way the majority of people interact online.

Wish your site ranked higher in google s…

Wish your site ranked higher in google search results? Wish you knew more about how to make this happen?

Google just released their own SEO report card that grades their own websites on key factors relevant to ranking well in search results. This report highlights the on-site SEO issues that they look at and gives some great insight into how they use these factors within google search results.

If you’re looking for a better understanding of what you can do to improve your on-site SEO, they provide a treasure trove of information… so much so that I copied the SEO Report Card to a google doc so it will load quicker for you’all.

Interesting that Seesmic just launched a…

Interesting that Seesmic just launched a contact manager (as part of their web app)… The MG Siegler at TechCrunch seems to think they’ve perfected management of Twitter followers, but it’s still missing my favorite feature of Gist: the ability to view updates sorted by how important I’ve ranked people. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see Seesmic going down the route of improving the sad state of contact management within Twitter.

My last post got me thinking about a pol…

My last post got me thinking about a poll I asked on Facebook a little while ago… It’s pretty simple (only one question) and while there were a decent number of responses, I’d love to get even more. Here’s the question:
REALTORS: What is your largest source of business?

Been a ridiculously great morning at the…

Been a ridiculously great morning at the HomeQuest Social Media Summit in Portland.

We had a packed house… Great audience. Wonderful crowd. Engaging speakers. So much fun!

And the speakers were unbeatable. There’s always so much to learn from:

And if you were at the event, we’d love your feedback… What did you think? How could we improve the event/presentations?

[Photo from Dale Chumbley!]

Do you need a foursquare social media st…

Do you need a foursquare social media strategy?

Someone landed on my site today with the keywords: [foursquare social media strategy], and it got me thinking… Do I have a foursquare social media strategy?

It’s all the rage to hate on foursquare (at least in the real estate space), but I’ve found the tool to be great for meeting up with folks, especially when I’m on the road. More times than I could count I can directly attribute a great meeting over coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. because I checked into foursquare at some nearby location. It’s so great at connecting me with others that one of the first things I do when I fly into a new city is to checkin at the airport because I can pretty much guarantee I will get one or two follow up messages (almost always texts for some reason), from locals asking when we can meet up.

FourSquare is actually a little bit *too* effective. If I’ve got a deadline on a project, I have to make sure *not* to check in to a place to make sure I get work done.

Does this mean I have a foursquare social media strategy? I wouldn’t call it a strategy as much as common sense. If I’m in the mood to connect with people, I checkin… If not, I don’t.

But more importantly, do you need a foursquare social media strategy?

It depends. Do you enjoy meeting up with other people? Are you the type of business person who could generate more deals if you could just get in front of more people? I know I am… I have a hard time meeting up with someone and *not* walking away with a plan to do business with them. For me, checking in on foursquare means I meet up with more people and meeting up with more people translates directly into more business opportunities. Very few of the business opportunities pan out, but enough of them do that I keep on check’n in!


Marc Davison has been hosting a related conversations (with a completely different take) on his blog where I’ve also been actively commenting.

I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gon…

I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gone on a boring rant, so it’s always interesting to see what gets his blood boiling. And when the topic at hand touches on the current meme of real estate agent professionalism, all the better!

Today it is that some North Carolina REALTORS who are protesting a new rule that protects homebuyers by disclosing compensation… Where Jay comes to the stunningly simple solution: “tell people what the costs are in buying a home, which includes agent/broker compensation and incentives – before they purchase a home.”

And if you missed Kris Berg’s take on professionalism, then run, don’t walk, to:

I’m totally missing the buzz… I’ve b…

I’m totally missing the buzz…

I’ve been playing with Google Buzz for a few days now and I know I must be missing something *big* because the ONLY thing I’ve found interesting about it so far is that by connecting with a bunch more people on the google platform, I now get more articles showing up in my Google Reader.

Others talk about how it is vindication that email is the social network, but I’m finding my experience much closer to Fred’s that we can’t assume implicit and explicit social networks are one-and-the-same.

The whole service feels really kludgy and doesn’t pass the would-my-family-use-this-tool test… and if they did, they certainly wouldn’t use it to share personal stories, organize events, upload photos, etc, like they do now. My gut tells me it has potential to be a popular tool among the tech-crowd along the lines of twitter thanks to slick mobile integration, geolocation features, etc., but it’s missing way too many of Facebook’s “connecting” features like photos sharing/tagging, video sharing/tagging, groups, etc., for it to really be a mass-appeal social network.

However, with that said, David Gibbons obviously has a different take. He tweets:

@tyr a) not a walled garden b) nothing cutsie about it c) smart conversation notification d) local integration is AWESOME #whyBUZZisbetter”


@tyr it’s far from perfect but they’re iterating at light speed & what really matters is the (sociological) foundation which kicks fb’s butt”

so I’m worried I must be missing something big. Help me out.

How is Google Buzz going to challenge Facebook in any meaningful way?


Appropriate to the topic, there has been a decent conversation about this topic on a google buzz thread.


Robert Scoble sums up my thoughts well: Why did Google copy FriendFeed’s worst features?