Be Jane acquired by… Builder Homesite [4realz Exclusive]

be janeA few days ago, Be Jane announced they were bought, but hadn’t said by whom, which led a few to speculate who the buyer might be.   I’m happy to say that has the scoop that the new buyer is Builder Homesite.

Here’s the story.

A little while ago I was introduced to Chief Jane and we had some great conversations about what online real estate companies would be a good fit for acquiring Be Jane.   We talked through all the big online search sites (and I even introduced her to a few people I knew), but I got the feeling that the “right” home for Be Jane wasn’t with any of my contacts.

Fast forward a few months…

bhi_2007_logoBuilder Homesite is on a rampage. Last week,  they announced that they are running Move’s New Home channels:

“Through this new strategic partnership [with Move, Inc], Builders Digital Experience (BDX) will operate the New Homes Channel and, the country’s two most visited new homes websites”

And then this week, I’m told that they bought Be Jane.

The idea behind buying Be Jane has to be that Builder Homesite is looking to quickly build out a portal geared toward woman… and why not.  Be Jane has a library of DIY articles and videos as well as a large female community interested in the topic.

In terms of Builder Homesite, I know almost nothing about the company except what I’ve read over the past week or so and what little I can gleam from their website.  Nonetheless, their flurry of recent activity tells me they’ll likely be a great partner with Move, where the discussion of acquisitions, partnerships, lawsuits, etc. was so common it felt like background noise after a while.

With these additional resources (Move’s New Home connections and Be Jane’s content/community), Builder Homesite is a really interesting player to watch in the home building space and potentially a great home for the Be Jane team.

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  1. I always recommended that women do the work in their own homes. Though in London most people opt for building contractors to come is as it is one of those fast bustling cities where women have taken on the business roles of men (not all). But women have a certain ability to envision beautiful homes. so it is always useful to have one around in getting any work done in your home.

  2. I think the reason behind the merger is that they both need each other, in terms of making their business improved and to have a larger market.

  3. Online jobs are reaching its popularity nowadays. It’s ideal for stay at home moms. At least they get even a little amount of money while being there for the family.

  4. I hope this turns out to be a good move. There’s a dire need for most women focused websites online. And not just fashion and gossip.

    It turns out there are lots of women online, and we could sure use the representation.

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