Seattle story? Real estate gossip? Where to post?

I was having a hard time deciding if I should post this story on RCG or, because it would work on both sites…

(Not Just) another Seattleite rudely introduced to city’s vigilant jaywalking enforcement… It’s David Gibbons:

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    Yeah, I’m sorry, but why was this posted? Why shouldn’t someone who breaks the law by disregarding the “walk” signal be cited?

  2. The beauty of running my own blog is that I get to post whatever I want. And if David G makes the news in an amusing way, I’m definitely game for blogging it! 😉

  3. Seems like it’s in the air up here in the Evergreen State! Got mine last week ($124), but for “allegedly” speeding. 5 blocks from my house. Grrr.

  4. I put it up too. My takeaway was David’s spin of the facts… a ticket for “walking, yes walking” (love the accent and delivery)— he just left out the part about “against the Don’t Walk” sign– fortunately, he kept the camera on long enough for the officer to add the unlawful part. Good thing sarcasm is still legal in Seattle or he could have been thrown in the slammer. Very funny.

  5. Yeah this is pretty crazy! Throughout the three and a half years when I lived in Seattle, I think I’ve heard of this happening about 2 or 3 times. They sure do take jaywalking over there pretty seriously!

  6. When I posted this to youtube I really didn’t think it would get this kind of pickup – I just wanted to show my friends overseas that you really can get a fine while walking in the US. And yes, Joe, I obviously know that I walked on “don’t walk” yet pretty much everywhere else in the world (including much of the US – thankfully) you can do just that without fear of being fined. Seattle is special though it does occasionally happen in other big cities.

    “Why shouldn’t someone who breaks the law by disregarding the “walk” signal be cited?”

    1 in 100 Americans are currently in jail. Think about it. My ticket is just one ridiculous example that illustrates how we’ve gone too far. But before I go too far, let me make it clear that I only discuss politics over margaritas so if you want to get into it with me you’re gonna’ have to buy me a drink at Inman SFO.

  7. I’ll not only buy the margarita, I’ll happily provide the video camera to record the conversation as well! 😉

  8. Good for David and Luther for posting the video. There are people jay walking all over the world. Making money on this is ridiculous. Whatever happened to just giving a warning. I’m sure the police man’s mama is real proud that her son is protecting the streets in such a way and helping Seattle add to its coffers.

    BTW, if we send the officer to New York or Italy, he’ll have a full time job trying to hand out jaywalking tickets and he’ll get paid overtime too. He’ll be in heaven!

  9. BTW Dustin… As I’m looking at my comment, I sort of like the way “Luther” looks. Very official looking… fast fingers, slow mind – first thing in the am. 🙂

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