Jeff Turner announced the latest video project from…

Real Estate Shows.  It’s a tool that automatically turns a Real Estate Shows virtual tour into a video format that can be widely distributed on the internet. Jeff gave me the low-down on this project a little bit ago, and he convinced me that this was not an easy task to do right… But that he felt really good about the technology they were using to convert and compress the video.

I know that some would say that virtual tours aren’t video (they said it today during our roundtable on video), but by simply exporting their shows to video format, the Real Estate Shows team is opening up a ton of new distribution opportunities…

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  1. This is very exciting, now we can export to on the video feature as well as Flickr and YouTube all with the click of the mouse.

  2. Congrats to Jeff and team! This sounds like a great feature and one that will surely be welcomed.

  3. Video becomes more popular every day as an excellent way to reach an audience. Congrats to Jeff and his team for always being ahead of the curve..

  4. Congratulations to Jeff and the RES show team for remaining on the cutting edge and always looking for ways to increase user satisfaction. This remains some of the best money I spend every year.

  5. I’m with everyone else leaving comments that they’re definitely on to something with this release!

  6. This sounds very similar to what you can do with lightroom. Has anyone tried a hands on test??

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