So impractically cool

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  1. The funny thing is, as I watch that video – all I can wonder is how incredibly difficult they will be to finance. Could you imagine that condo questionnaire?

    Pathetic to get inside the mind of a mortgage lender huh?…

    Good thing most of those buyers will be loaded with cash.

  2. Nice to see what all that oil money is being used for…

  3. Greg: That same thought occurred to me as well… Wild world we live in.

  4. my building cant even get the brand new elevator to work right. I can’t see this working out. condo fees will have to increase often. lol

  5. Yeah… Having a car elevated to your floor seems ridiculous!

  6. If I was filthy rich and could afford such a condo, and if it were in the US, I’d be a buyer tomorrow. The “cool” factor for something like that in NYC especially would be almost too much to pass up on, even if it were $2k/sq ft. 2000 sq ft for $4M, really is not that crazy when Scottsdale has non-moving condos over-looking “water” (actually a man made canal) for $1.5M.

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